Fixed Assets Management

Utilize and Manage Your Assets

After your employees, the second most vital element to keep business going are the fixed assets. But for making full use of your assets, you need to know what you have, along with other attribute.

All this is possible with ERInsight’s Fixed Asset module. We give you the power to assess and explore asset properties.

Asset Tracking

Improved Productivity

Reduced Maintenance Cost

Better Lifecycle

Calculate Depreciation

You need to make best use of your asset, before they depreciate (lifecycle ends). To know when your asset will depreciate, you need ERInsight’s Fixed Asset module.

You can choose a standard or customized method for depreciation to avoid future business downtime. The last thing you’d want is your asset to fail you during an important process, and we make sure that that doesn’t happen.

Accurate Results

When it comes to your asset tracking and lifecycle, you can’t afford to have the wrong information conveyed. That’s precisely what you get with the Fixed Asset module by ERInsight. You can all the necessary attributes and information you need for the optimum asset use.

Reduce Accounting Complexity

Asset depreciation, loans, tax, all these accounting terminologies and process can be so complicated just by the sound of it. Imagine how tricky they’ll be to calculate.

To save you from the trouble, it’s ERInsight’s Fixed Asset module to the rescue. We’ll help you generate a thorough asset report to put everything in front of you.

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