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About ERInsight

ERInsight is a centralized Enterprise Resource Planning software encapsulating all industrially demanded modules, developed with great precision, possessing the capability to serve all the known and repercussive organizational needs. Founded 20 years ago, ERInsight has everything a respective organization, irrespective of their industry, already seeks or might seek in the future.

Driving Forces Behind ERInsight

TECHOID.CO and SOLUTIONS OCEAN are the forces steering ERInsight across the roadmap balancing it through the ups and downs and paving its way to contemporary and futuristic success. Only these two names are entirely responsible for ERInsight, have complete ownership of the product, and are the only proprietors worldwide.

TECHOID.CO, however, is a full-service software and digital marketing agency, offering Inventory, Hospital, Employees, and Project management systems, software like ERP, which is ERInsight itself, and Asset tracking. Besides offering all mentioned earlier, TECHOID.CO houses digital enthusiasts, excelling in the domains of website development, SEO, content marketing, mobile app development, CMS development, and more to come. Alongside being a steering force, TECHOID.CO is also the business development and marketing partner of ERInsight.

SOLUTIONS OCEAN, on the other hand, are the energy that upbrought ERInsight to its concurrent and comprehensive version, molding the product into an extensively matured system, covering every loophole, and valuing ERInsight for the organizations.

Our Vision

We envision the ERInsight to be the world’s best ERP ever made, given its characteristics and comprehensiveness. In addition to that, our vision expands to the point where we can have numerous implementation partners functioning in different parts of the world and growing themselves along with ERInsight and us.

Our Mission

Working relentlessly by burning the midnight oil, we align ourselves with the strategies, strategized to acquire the end goal. We are always on the lookout for potential additions, anything modern that lacks within ERInsight, we ensure it doesn’t, the next moment.

Our Values

We believe in transparency, integrity, and adaptation. Transparency to not keep any veils between us and the client. Integrity to dedicate ourselves to the client’s purpose, and adaptation to always keep ERInsight and ourselves updated with upcoming technologies and ethics.

Let ERInsight take over and skyrocket the revenue!

business, ERInsight steps up specifically to your requirements and expectations, making you feel empowered.