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Where It Started?

When manufacturers need an end-to-end logistics company, Sana Logistics is who they call. They are one of the industry leaders who started their journey in the late 20th century. From there, they kept innovating and adopting the latest trends.

That’s the secret to their success as they’re considered a reliable logistics and supply chain service provider. Using their 500,000 square foot warehouse, they have provided services to big names and manufacturers. Not just that, but Sana Logistics has successfully managed to put a smile on their faces.

There’s not a product that Sana Logistics and its expert team can’t hold or transport.

What Were the Barriers?

Such a reputable name transporting such high numbers of products from manufacturers, you’d think, what could go wrong? Well, that’s where the movie Karate Kid’s quote comes in “Too much of something is bad thing.”

The fact that Sana Logistics has such a large number of products in their warehouse created a lot of confusion. That was just one of the various concerns for them as they looked to build on their wonderful name.

In a bid to enhance their business activities, they connected with ERInsight for a solution. Our team wasted no time arriving at the location and assessed the reasons for the performance gap.

Lack of Communication

Less Labor per Warehouse Area

Inefficient Space Utilization

High Cost

No Transit Status

How ERInsight Stepped In

In such unfavorable situations, Sana Logistics came in as a light at the end of the tunnel. As we’d already analyzed the things that could be improved on, we joined heads to come up with the solution.

We consulted with our ERP experts and decided that an ERP warehouse management system module was what Sana Logistics needed. Our team at ERInsight shared the findings with Sana Logistics and received a go-ahead from them.

Transformational Change

It took us a short time before we successfully integrated the warehousing management module with the infrastructure at Sana Logistics. Our ERP ensured a significant upward spike in their business progress.

Some of the major improvements included:

What They Had to Say

“ERInsight’s ERP software is exactly what was missing from our business. Only regret we have is why didn’t we connect with ERInsight earlier”

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