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Happy Customers Means Successful Business

We all want that secret formula to grow our business. So, naturally, you would think the formula varies from industry to industry. But is it really so? We’ll tell you a universal strategy to ensure business success, no matter what industry you belong to. That is called Keep Your Clients Happy.

But to execute that formula, you need the right tool, which is where ERInsight’s Customer Relationship Management module will do the trick. We assist you in providing the perfect client experience.

Result – long-term customer loyalty.

Client Retentions

Work Productivity

Fast Response


Here’s What You Can Expect

  • Centralized Client Details
  • If you don’t know your contact’s details and order history, do you think you can maintain a long-term fruitful relationship? That’s highly unlikely. What you need is full client awareness. Failing to do so can trigger you to lose your client in a blink of an eye.

    Now, let’s shed the spotlight on the positive aspect. You can avoid such a situation very easily. All you need is a reliable CRM module integrated with a full-solution ERP. But the mystery (not really) remains, where will you find the right service providers?

    That’s where ERInsight is the name you want. We’ll give you the luxury of understanding your client’s background and expectations. You don’t have to go searching for the required information in multiple places.

  • Manage Sales Better
  • Ah, the good old days, so they say. When you had to manually record sales, understand the pattern, and develop future strategies. That can be too time-consuming, right?

    Here’s a better idea, how about using a proven CRM module for managing your sales? Imagine the time and efforts you can save. Not only that, but you can also analyze what’s working for your business and where you can improve.

    We know you can’t wait to get your hands on such software. So, with that curiosity, connect with ERInsight for an efficient CRM module and meet your business goals faster.

  • Easier Quotations and Faster Ordering
  • Viewing your inventory, quoting the perfect prices, including any promotional or discount offer – a simple process that can be so time-consuming. But does it really have to be like that? How about we change that with our CRM module?

    ERInsight offers you to strengthen your relations with your clients by ensuring a rapid from quotation to payment. This sort of efficient process is what your client expects to get into a long-term business relationship.

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