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Where It Started?

Bigger the business, the higher the expectations. That’s the common business norm. And when it comes to one of the most popular groups offering a versatile range of services, you’d presume their operations to be flawless.

That’s pretty much what was happening with this group. They deal in cement, sugar, fabric, energy, metal, and a myriad of other businesses. In addition, they have a massive packaging plant.

Things were going smoothly, and they were generating heaps of revenue. What they weren’t able to understand was that the technological advancements demanded them to evolve. That success might have been the calm before the storm.

What Were the Barriers?

When the storm hit, their packaging operations were a victim. The complex process involved raw products going through several machines and getting the finished product. This disrupted their packaging processes and hampered their other flourishing business.

Inventory Wastage

Bookkeeping Errors

High Cost

Requiring Manpower

How ERInsight Stepped In

Of course, there’s no everlasting problem. The company needed reinforcements, and in came the cavalry, ERInsight. Our team of experts visited their facility to assess their working processes and activities. There were clear loopholes, but nothing we’d not dealt with before.

Once we had the intel we needed, our team sprang into action. We suggested our ERP for packaging industries for end-to-end solutions to effectively manage projects. Instead of going for unnecessary modules, we recommended the management systems that can trigger life in their packaging activities. Those includes



Inventory management

Finance module

Changes We Triggered

When our team at ERInsight entered the fray, things changed. With our assistance, the company successfully overcame challenges in its day-to-day business operations. In extension, the company started noticing a visible change in not only their client but also employee satisfaction.

After the appropriate solutions by ERInsight, here are the improvements.

Words for ERInsight

“Swift, simple, and effective are the qualities to best define ERInsight. They have been highly diligent in helping up countering our issues.”

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