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What are the 4 Major Phases of ERP Implementation

Little raindrops can form an ocean. Similarly, all good things take time. When starting a business, it wouldn’t be practical to expect overnight success. You can’t say on the first day, “Where’s my million-dollar revenue?” It will take time.

Not only is instant success out of the question, but you may also find yourself dealing with challenges. So, what can you do about it? Well, you can seek assistance from different software.

But hold up, what if we told you there’s a better way? Instead of choosing multiple software, you can opt for one with diverse business solutions capabilities, ERP for small businesses.

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With the solution in sight, now comes the question, how will you get there?

Just like the quote mentioned at the start, ERP implementation is not an overnight process. It takes long hours of grinding and following a dedicated process. Why is it necessary? Well, you do want an ERP that caters to your business needs, right?

If you’re someone wanting to know the phases of ERP implementation, you’ve just struck gold. We’ll ensure you know what a successful ERP implementation looks like.

So, without further ado, let’s begin. ​

4 Phases of ERP Implementation Life Cycle


A wise man once said, failing to plan essentially planning to fail. You can’t think of climbing the 100th step when you’re on the first step. And guess what? It’s no different when you decide to have an ERP implemented.

There’s a reason why the phases of the ERP implementation lifecycle begin with planning. This is a combination of multiple activities that includes

  • Visit the physical location.
  • Understanding your business processes.
  • Suggest a feasible ERP solution
  • Decide on the ERP scope and functionalities

Many resources are utilized, and the final product is a good solution ERP software for your business needs.


Once you have the plan in hand, it’s time to get the ball rolling. This is where the plans are set into motion. Since the pathing is clear, the ERP provider knows what to do and how to do it. After the tasks are delegated, you won’t have much uncertainty to deal with.

Many resources are utilized, and the final product is a good solution ERP software for your business needs.


I want an ERP that calculates faster than the Flash and is as indestructible as Superman. Yes. That’s just one people’s wish list item. Things are only possible in a dream state.

Guarding against that overestimation requires you to ensure your project meets the decided scope. This is where tracking can help you.

For example, giving shampoo to a bald person will be a good gesture, but will it be effective? It won’t.

You should be clear about what you need from the ERP and how it can positively impact your business. If you lose track and want your ERP to be a jack of all trades, you may end up nowhere.


At the end of all that time and investment, the question would be, “Was it really worth it?” So, to wrap up a successful ERP implementation, analyzing results is crucial.

Scratching your head, thinking, “How will we analyze? What kind of tools will we need?

Good news – it won’t be as complicated as you think. When you talk about the all-important ‘measuring’ process, it’s about assessing if your work processes have improved.

These can be things like:

  • Have your employees found communications easier?
  • Did you experience an increase in your company’s revenue?
  • Are your business tasks being done at a faster pace?

This is more than just comparing your previous performance with the current one. It’s about taking your business activities to the next level.

That means, even if your ERP is doing well, you can still find those improvement areas to plug and benefit your business even more.

Wrapping It Up

Businesses need that extra boost to beat their competition. An ERP can be the weapon you need to shine in your industry. After knowing the phases of ERP Implementation, the next step is to find a reliable ERP provider.

Jackpot – you’re already at the right place. ERInsight is your answer for implementing a multi-module ERP that can make your business thrive. Connect with us today