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Importance of CRM in an ERP System

Multiple businesses offer the same services. How can you choose which one to go for? That’s a conundrum consumers find themselves in. That’s a confusion faced which will be faced by many of your potential clients.

So, what can you do in such a situation? A suggestion would be to add extra sugar to your candy. Didn’t get it? In plainer words, give your consumers something extra in addition to the service.

What can we do to add that extra sweetener to your business? Well, since you’re landed on ERInsight’s blog section, you’d probably go like, “Oh, oh, I know the answer. It’s an ERP.”

Ding Ding Ding, half of your answer is correct. Yes, ERP can be the difference maker for business, yes. But with the added flavor of a CRM, it can be a whole new monster.

A customer resource management module can build good relations with your client.

How exactly can a CRM system be effective? The million dollar question that you and many other business owners are about to be answered.

Location ➡ the blog where you have just landed. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Employee Collaboration

What’s the one thing that reduces an employee’s productivity? Constant delays and lack of communication. Not getting updated information to move forward and get things done.

It’s as frustrating as going to a restaurant and not getting your food on time.

In a business setting, imagine your marketing team has done well and attracted leads. Those were interested individuals who could’ve ensured your business gets the profits. But guess what? There wasn’t a customer representative to deal with the lead.

Now, imagine an alternate scenario. A situation where your sales team knows what’s happening. Once a lead drops, the sales team springs into action. What made it possible? CRM capabilities of an ERP that strengthens your relationship with the clients.

Your lead gets a prompt response which shows them value. Higher chances to convert the lead, isn’t it?

Upselling Becomes Easy

What has your lead/client been up to? This information is as good as a goldmine for business owners. Why? Because it tells you what your audience wants. This should make it easy for you to market the right product.

Now, you can choose to dig your way until you hit gold. If you think it’s too much hard work and time consuming, that’s understandable. Here’s good news for you. There’s still light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s called “CRM.”

Now, if you’re an e-commerce store and your client has purchased boots, they’d likely want socks with them. Similarly, if a client has availed web development service and you know about it, you can upsell SEO services to go with it.

Why stop at one service when you can provide higher value?

Lesser Expenses and Higher Profits

According to Forbes, about $500 to $5,000 per employee is spent on training.

Instead of putting so much time, effort, and finances into each employee, CRM gives you much better capabilities. You can manage to lead much more effectively. Better the leads are entertained, the higher the chances it has to convert. Imagine how much expenses you can save.

Yes. Change can be hard to accept, and that may happen with your employees. But it’s only a matter of time before they realize that CRM is to optimize their work processes and operations.

Efficient and Long Term Services

Imagine sitting in front of a computer and waiting for it to start. After a long which, will you just sit there and persist? Also, keep in mind that you have another working computer besides you. Guess it’s no surprise what you will do.

Time is of the essence for your potential client, and that’s where CRM gives you wings. Your lead doesn’t have to wait for ages in order to get a response. Instead, CRM makes it happen within a few moments.

From invoicing to completion, ERP and CRM provide the accurate and fast data your business wants.

This helps your potential client come to a choice – opting for your service/product.

Wrapping It Up

We talk about peanut butter and jelly being a deadly combination. ERP and CRM are a more dominating combo for business owners to run smooth operations.

But not all ERP for small business provides the desired business productivity. That’s where you need a reliable management system to make the magic happen. ERInsight has all features and functionalities your business needs.

Improve your customer relations to skyrocket your business.