Role of ERP in Supply Chain Management

When you look at the end product, you may have no idea where it came from. But is it really that simple? Like the saying goes, nothing’s ever what it seems. When you talk about product manufacturing, there are a bunch of activities that go into it. Now, the question is, how can we make […]

What are the 4 Major Phases of ERP Implementation

Little raindrops can form an ocean. Similarly, all good things take time. When starting a business, it wouldn’t be practical to expect overnight success. You can’t say on the first day, “Where’s my million-dollar revenue?” It will take time. Not only is instant success out of the question, but you may also find yourself dealing […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of ERP

advantages & disadvantages of ERP

We all love Batman, don’t we? Rich, good-looking, and spoiled billionaire who plays a vigilante in the night. When many admire Batman, others like the villains he’s fought. Do you remember two-face? Harvey Dent’s alter ego taught us there are always two sides to the coin. When you’re in the business landscape, every choice you […]

ERP Implementation in Manufacturing Industry

ERP Implementation in Manufacturing Industry-

You’re always looking for that differentiating factor to reach the next level. To overtake your competitors and make a name for yourself. You may hire people with top expertise or take a different approach. For example, think smart and use technology to your advantage. Yes, we’re talking about the ERP system –the answer to your […]

Benefits of ERP — Here’s What Makes You Irresistible to Acquire One

Whether you are a small, medium, or large-sized enterprise, you must have at least once bumped into the thought of opting for an ERP, and there are chances that the arguable dilemma of how an ERP will benefit you might have stopped you from opting one. However, uncovering those dilemmas and bringing the actual image […]

What is ERP?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, where the word “enterprise” denotes your organization, followed by the term “resource,” signifying the employees, finances, equipment, raw material, produce, capital, land, etc. While the word “planning” links back to both the preceding terms, i.e., “enterprise” and “resource.” Collectively, it makes as the planning of efficient usage of the […]